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Preparing To Use A Graphic Designer

Once you’ve chosen a graphic designer, whether it’s a freelance graphic designer, a graphic design agency, or graphic design consultancy, you must organise a graphic design brief and confirm a budget. Here we give you some top tips on how to go about arranging a design brief and budget:

1 – The Design Brief

A comprehensive graphic design brief is the key to achieving a quality outcome, which is why you must make sure you get the initial brief right. The first design brief you hand over to the graphic designer should be in writing, kept very simple and to the point, and should outline the business’ objectives, its communication objectives, and the design strategies for the project.

Some of the important points that must be discussed in the brief include, if and how writing and photographs will be provided for the design, how many graphic design concepts are needed, and production specifications, such as the number of pages, quantity, paper quality, size, etc. Other things to include are details about what you want the graphic design project to achieve, such as promoting a new product or creating a new image for a company, an explanation as to why this is needed, and who the target audience is.

2 – The budget

Companies who have not worked with a graphic designer or graphic design agency before should have a general idea of how much they want to spend on a design project, and this amount of money is known as the budget. It is important to reveal the budget to the graphic design company at the start, so that they can create graphic designs and work on the project within the realms of the budget, and therefore not create a great graphic design that your company simply cannot afford.

In most cases a graphic design budget is directly related to the firm’s size, profile and turnover. However, organising a realistic budget takes a great amount of research and preliminary work, and you must ensure all this is complete before you begin working with the graphic designer. If it is the first time you have used a graphic design firm, consultancy or agency, why not ask for their advice and check whether you can get a quality graphic design for the price you are willing to pay.

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