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Working With A Graphic Designer

If you’ve recruited a freelance graphic designer or a graphic design agency or graphic design consultant, prepared a design brief and organised the budget, you are ready to begin your project. However, it is advisable not to just leave the graphic designer to work on the project, so you must stay involved and work as a partnership to ensure you get the results you want. Here are a few handy hints for working with a graphic designer:

1 – It is important to know the graphic design process before you start and to arrange a design schedule, so both you and the graphic designer are aware when certain points in the project should be achieved. Arrange weekly or monthly review meetings, find out how many designers will be working on your project and ensure they are all aware of your objectives, and ask the lead graphic designer to send you a number of design proofs before making the final design.

2 – Make sure you communicate effectively with the graphic designer, graphic design agency or graphic design consultancy, because your primary role in the design process is to offer constructive feedback, so you will get the results you desire and the graphic designer will know exactly what you’re looking for. If you have specific ideas about colours, style, fonts, etc, be sure to tell the graphic designer as soon as possible, before they start the draft designs.

3 – It may also be worth providing the graphic designer with some specific examples of what you want, and examples of what you definitely don’t want. This will help the designer get a feel for the kind of graphic design style you are looking for, so they can change and style their designs to suit you.

4 – Always remain open minded and remember that the graphic designer or graphic design agency will probably know more than you about what looks good as a logo and what kind of poster will engage people’s thoughts during an advertising campaign, because they have taken specialist graphic design courses. Even if the initial design is not as you envisaged, talk openly about your concerns to the graphic designer but also listen their reasoning for the style of the design.

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